Sunday, January 18, 2009

Contributor Kudos

Hey Normals,

Check out the new book by TNS #1 contributor, Austin Ratner, coming out from the very cool new Bellevue Literary Press, a press dedicated to books at the "intersection of art and science"

"THE JUMP ARTIST is a beautifully scrupulous, intricately detailed novel about joy and
despair, anti-Semitism and assimilation, and like a great photograph, it
seems to miss nothing, and to catch its subject in all his complexity."
--Charles Baxter, author of Feast of Love and The Soul Thief

THE JUMP ARTIST is based on the true story of Philippe Halsman, a man who Adolf Hitler
knew by name, who Sigmund Freud wrote about in 1931, and who put Marilyn Monroe on
the cover of Lifemagazine. The story begins in September 1928, when Halsman and his father were hiking in the Tyrolean Alps. Halsman's father was murdered and Halsman
stood trial for patricide. He endured prison and exile and, while haunted
by the tragedy, he ultimately transformed himself from a victim of
history into the world-famous Life photographer
who defined American post-war optimism. However, he kept his tragic past
a secret.

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