Sunday, May 3, 2009

Normal Cover Artists


I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge the fine work of our cover artists.

TNS#1 featured the work of Matthew McFarren . . . unfortunately I've had trouble finding a good link to show you his work. If anyone can help me with this, please post. But Matthew did an amazing job with our "Something's Wrong Down on Pa's Farm" theme . . . I mean, there's a pig wearing a fez and evil corn!!

TNS#2, due any day now, features the work of San Francisco based artist, Chris Shaw. Check out some other examples of his work here, and please subscribe now and get your copy of TNS#2.

TNS#3, due this Fall, will feature the work of Darkhorse comic artist and Portland resident, Jason Graham. Check out some of his work here or on the front page of our blog. Yes, he's the one responsible for that bird-like creature . . .

We here at The Normal School are proud to feature the work of these artists and we hope you'll support them in any way possible.

-- Editors

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Anonymous said...

I was just browsing around the bookstore trying to find something that would catch my eye. I bought your magazine! Haven't read the magazine yet, but I sure loved the cover and illustrations.